1. By finance minister Joe Oliver's standard, low and middle-income families will see two-thirds of the benefits from the Harper government's contentious multibillion-dollar tableau of family-friendly measures.
  2. Ergo, Oliver is suggesting families with annual incomes as high as $120,000 qualify as middle class.
  3. According to the Canadian Press, Statistics Canada says the median 2012 income level for families of at least two people was $82,100, including government transfers BUT before taxes. (This number includes families without kids.)
  4. Many CBC readers agree with Oliver's estimate, some arguing $120,000 is the baseline for getting by with a family:
  5. 120000 is middle class. No one is saying it is not a very comfortable living. But if we want to put families income into boxes called lower, middle, and high then 120 is middle for sure. I personally think that many factors come into play when you think about a families life style. Not just the amount of cash brought in per year but location, number of children, proximity to family etc. This discussion is way bigger than one number.
  6. $120,000 is just 2 average salaries by 2 workers in a household so yes it is the top end of middle class.
  7. It really depends upon where you live. In Vancouver $120K is absolutely middle class.
  8. As of last January, the average salary in Canada was almost $50k. So it's possible that two working adults in a house could make $120k/year. They are likely living just beyond paycheck to paycheck. That would qualify them as middle class in my books. But that doesn't mean folks making $65k arent middle class. It's a range.....
  9. Whilst others vehemently disagree, saying Oliver's calculations are anything but on the money:
  10. I think our finance minister needs to live on under 40K just to see how rough it is. Try feeding and clothing 2 kids for that... forget about holidays, RRSP's and saving for education for those 2 kids! And I work 40 hours a week too!
  11. I think it's too low. well over 80 percent of canadas population lives in urban centres where cost of living is ridiculous. I'd been in faovour of a middle class number thats 30 percent higher. One must remember these are pre tax numbers
  12. 120K seems like a lot of money but it isn't. After taxes not much left and 4 people living on say $60k are watching their pennies and should this be in Quebec you can't afford to go out for Poutine.
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