1. Not even the Canadian Joint Delegation to NATO is above a little bit of snarky fun on Twitter, it seems.

    In response to a Russian military spokesperson's claims that Russian soldiers had "accidentally" crossed the Ukranian border earlier this week, @CanadaNATO tweeted the following image on Wednesday: 
  2. "Geography can be tough," wrote the government agency's official Twitter account. "Here's a guide for Russian soldiers who keep getting lost & 'accidentally' entering #Ukraine."

    The image included in the tweet features an almost patronizingly simple map that shows Russia and Ukraine (Crimea included) side by side, labeled as "RUSSIA" and "NOT RUSSIA" respectively.

    In less than 24 hours, the cheeky message has been retweeted more than 16 thousand times, garnering thousands of favourites and replies within the social network.
  3. Even the Minister of Foreign Affairs gave the snarky infographic a shout-out.
  4. The Canadian Joint Delegation to NATO's Twitter account shows that this is not the first time the agency has spoken out online in regards to the Ukraine conflict.

    While the (rather prolific) @CanadaNATO account typically sticks to tweeting about NATO-related activities, events and news, in recent months it has been publishing and retweeting more content that is consistent with Canada's stance on the Ukraine conflict and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    It's notable that NATO suspended Russia’s membership in May amid the ongoing crisis.
  5. The Canadian Joint Delegation to NATO published its now-viral tweet just one day after Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke to Canadian troops in Baffin Island about how Canada must never drop its guard in the face of growing Russian aggression. The comment was in relation to Arctic sovereignty, but demonstrates another source of tension between the two countries.

    "In Europe, we see the imperial ambitions of Vladimir Putin, who seems determined that, for Russia's neighbours, there shall be no peace...," Harper said near the end of his annual tour of Canada's North. "And because Russia is also Canada's neighbour, we must not be complacent here at home."
  6. Follow our ongoing coverage of the Ukraine crisis at CBCNews.ca for more.
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