1. Yes, her gown is gorgeous and yes, her hair looks fabulous and OMG YES, that bag is amaaaaazing — but there's more to an actress than what she wears and whether or not she's trying to hide a baby bump.

    That's the message behind #AskHerMore: An increasingly visible Twitter campaign started by non-profit advocacy group The Representation Project last February in an attempt to highlight the differences between a typical red carpet interview with a male celebrity, and one with a female celebrity.

    As media critics, news outlets, and even some actresses have been pointing out for years, men are far more likely to be asked about their work, while women are typically get questions about their accessories, manicure, designer duds and — oh yeah — how they lost all of that baby weight!

    Watch this recent supercut by Upworthy if you're unfamiliar with what we're talking about:
  2. Ask Better Questions—Red Carpet Supercut
  3. "Even at the Oscars, where we celebrate the highest artistic achievements in film, reporters often focus more on a woman’s appearance than what she has accomplished," reads The Representation Project's original post about its #AskHerMore campaign last February. "We’re using the hashtag on Twitter to send suggested questions to reporters, in real-time, whenever they risk devaluing the accomplishments of women in Hollywood, and to spark deeper conversations in front of a national television audience."

    The hashtag did gain some traction during the 2014 Emmy Awards, but thanks in large part to support from Amy Poehler's Smart Girls organization, it blew up once again during the 2015 Golden Globes last week — and the conversation has been going ever since.
  4. Here are just a few of the many questions Twitter users offered up to entertainment reporters as potential alternates to their typical "who are you wearing?"
  5. Others are simply commenting on and sharing evidence of the gender bias in place when it comes to interviewing female entertainers (and sometimes, athletes too.)
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