1. TV-loving 90's kids of Canada, rejoice! After more than a decade in the dark, Bob, Dot, Enzo, Megabyte,  Hexadecimal and the rest of the Mainframe gang are returning to your screens.

    That's right -- ReBoot is being rebooted.
  2. The iconic CGI-animated series, once an after-school staple for many kids across Canada, first premiered on YTV in 1994 and ran until 2001.

    To coincide with the 20th anniversary of the show's premiere, Vancouver-based production company Rainmaker Entertainment Inc. announced this week in a press release that a new version of the series is in development.

    Fans of the original, groundbreaking series are understandably stoked.
  3. Despite its long absence from television, ReBoot has maintained somewhat of a cult fandom online. 

    There are several Tumblr blogs and numerous hashtags dedicated to the show, and its recent inclusion into the U.S. Netflix catalogue prompted a resurgence in demand for more episodes.

  4. While excited about the prospect of more episodes, some fans are questioning how exactly the new ReBoot will be structured.

    The original show focused on the adventures of a guardian program sprite, Bob, who defended the "Mainframe" system from superviruses bent on creating havoc and destruction.

    Many of the characters and locations take their names from the worlds of computational science -- and it can go without saying that much has changed in that area since 1994.

    Is "Megabyte" still ominous enough a name for a computer-based supervillian in 2013?
  5. So is the new villain going to be called Terabyte? 3rd Cousin to Megabyte?
  6. And Megabyte won't sound as threatening, as 1MB is literally nothing anymore :(
  7. But Gigabyte and the upgraded TERABYTE sound awesome. If they do a modern version, I would imagine that is what they will go with.
  8. Computers have come too far. The plots wont make much sense in modern context.
  9. I think this is one of the few instances in which "only 90s kids will get this" actually applies.
  10. The sound of a dial-up modem is going to confuse kids.
  11. If Rainmaker president Michael Hefferon's comments are any indication, the show could in fact look quite different from its predecessor.

    "We are excited to focus our television production activities under the Mainframe brand with an all-new version of ReBoot," he said. "ReBoot is certain to be embraced by a new generation of fans."

  12. Are you excited about the reboot of ReBoot? Are there any shows from your childhood you'd like to see resurrected?
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