The top ten most embarrassing moments every high school student has experienced

  1. 1. Tripping over absolutely nothing in the hallway

  2. Whether it be over your shoe, a crack, or some random object in the halls every student has had to awkwardly play it off like they didn't totally just almost eat-it in front of a bunch of random people. To make it worse, most of the time you don't even have a friend near you that you can laugh it off with. You're stuck hoping the minimum amount of people saw that insanely uncomfortable moment.
  3. 2. Walking into the wrong bathroom

  4. No matter how clearly the bathrooms are identified, at some point in time everyone has had that split second heart-attack when they walk into the bathroom and are staring at the very wrong type of toilet. Sometimes, the side the boys or girls bathroom is on changes depending on if you are upstairs or downstairs. After stumbling out of your snooze-worthy history lecture at 7 in the morning, it's so easy to fall victim to the switched signs.
  5. 3. Calling your teacher the wrong name

  6. After having dozens of teachers throughout your high school career, one of the most common embarrassing encounters you can have with one is accidentally mixing up their name with a previous teacher. Once you've called your teacher by the complete wrong name, there's always that awkward pause before you attempt correct yourself. In the end, apologizing and correcting yourself almost just makes the situation worse.
  7. 4. Calling out the completely wrong answer in class

  8. Every student has experienced that moment in class when the teacher asks a question and the answer immediately pops into your head. You raise your hand and confidently state the answer but the teacher shoots down your answer so quick. Following this, you sit in your chair for the next 30 minutes wondering why you ever thought participating was a good idea.
  9. 5. Stuttering in the middle of a presentation

  10. At some point in high school every student has had to get up in front of the class and give some type of formal presentation. Unfortunately, with presentations the threat of stuttering is very much present. Talking for an extended period of time in front of a room full of your classmates is uncomfortable enough, but stumbling over your words makes the situation even more uncomfortable. You try to play it off by making a strange noise to counteract the weird moment, but the redness in your face gives it away that you clearly just messed up big time,.
  11. 6. Getting called out by your teacher in front of the whole class

  12. Whether it be for using your phone while you're not supposed to or talking while you're not supposed to, having a teacher stop the class and directly call you out is an awfully uncomfortable situation. As soon as he/she calls you out it seems like every single student in the class whips their head around in order to look at you while you drown in embarrassment. You tend to spend the rest of the class period cursing your teacher for doing such a thing to you.
  13. 7. Waving at someone in the halls and them not seeing you

  14. Whenever you're walking through the halls and pass by one of your friends or just someone you know, most people smile or wave at them as they're passing by. However, with the insane number of people moving around in the hallways, sometimes your attempt to be a nice person by waving gets shot down when the person you're waving to doesn't see you. You're left looking like an idiot while the people around you that saw your gesture feel embarrassed for you.
  15. 8. When you’re walking towards someone in the hallway and you both try to move out of the way but both go the same way

  16. Regardless if you're in the halls at school or are really anywhere everyone has been trying to walk past someone but awkwardly both move in the same direction in an attempt to get out of the other person's way. This almost always results in a fake, uncomfortable laugh and thinking to yourself how weird that situation was.
  17. 9. Walking around with your zipper down

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