Call Clegg: 19 June 2014

Questions on Iraq, poverty, knife crime and Mike Hancock - and reaction to Spain being booted out of the World Cup.

  1. Surely we need to be sure that the process by which people are "kept an eye on" when they come back, or deprived of citizenship is fair. I'm not convinced it is and injustice stokes resentment. 
  2. Actually, he said inequality is lower - that was just me being stupid. 

  3. See, LBC got it right. 

  4. And this isn't some kind of mineral based tax - should be more, not ore. 

  5. That's one way of describing it - but still, as far as I am concerned, a massive job of work to be done to make sure changes are actually fair. Not sure anyone round the Cabinet table really understands the reality of living in poverty. There had been a teacher on earlier, a single parent, saying that she would go without food, eating only rice and porridge herself so her kids could have new shoes. 

  6. Not entirely convinced by his answer on this question on internet surveillance. He talked about GCHQ not able to see content of tweets ( which are public). I think he meant emails and other private messages. 
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