Chris Collins (NY-27): Shutdown Shill

Wondering what Chris Collins has been transmitting during the government shutdown over the Affordable Care Act, and the Ted Cruz / Tea Party brinksmanship towards default and global economic calamity?

  1. On September 24th - 6 days before the shutdown - Collins retweeted an infographic that seems to imply that he actually supports socialized medicine (Medicare) and socialized elder support payments (Social Security), calling them "essential" services. But "ObamaCare" is a nasty thing, and the House demanded that it be repealed, or else they would let the federal government be shut down. 
  2. But with a government shutdown, there would be fewer ribbons to cut. 
  3. At the @CanandaiguaAir runway expansion ribbon cutting. This airport is a great resource for Finger…
    At the @CanandaiguaAir runway expansion ribbon cutting. This airport is a great resource for Finger…
  4. So, our millionaire concern-trolls about "doubling" premiums under Obamacare. Of course, this is just typical doom & gloom scare tactics from an intellectually bankrupt party. 
  5. As the shutdown looms, Collins is mindful of the fact that he is a man of means. Therefore, he decides to introduce a bill to ensure that Congressmembers not get paid in the event of a shutdown. But the 27th Amendment to the Constitution forbids Congress from passing a law that would affect its pay until after the next election. So, Collins' bill is just a piece of garbage which would hold Congresspeople's pay in "escrow" until the shutdown was over. Aw. 
  6. After that bit of disingenuous foolishness, demagoguery time!
  7. Next day, more BS. 
  8. The Member Pay Escrow Act of 2013 gets some love from its millionaire patron. 
  9. Higher than "nothing", definitely. 
  10. You know what else causes uncertainty for #smallbiz? A government shutdown and looming, unprecedented sovereign debt default. 
  11. Should the Senate Act? 
  12. Which backers? Mitt Romney or its inventors at the Heritage Foundation? Lost in all this is any sense that people should want and be able to obtain affordable health insurance. 
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