Founders Fellowship 2015

The Bill of Rights Institute partnered with 44 of the nation's most innovative educators for a week of discussion, debate, and training in Washington, D.C.. Check out the highlights of their experiences!

  1. The bus used to transport teachers to various sites around Washington D.C., including the National Archives, the Newseum, the U.S. District Courthouse, and monuments on the National Mall. The driver pictured, Willie Edward, was a favorite of the teachers.
  2. Teachers participate in an interactive activity on George Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion.
  3. Learning techniques to help students understand the problems faced by America's Founders.
  4. The exercise continues as teachers answer questions related to the origin of America's government.
  5. Brushing up on the history of Congress and its power to declare war.
  6. Discussion on liberty and security in the modern era.
  7. Dinner discussion!
  8. Dinner was held at the famous Gadsby's Tavern, which has been in operation since 1770 and is a U.S. National Historic Landmark.
  9. #tbt when #FoundersFellow15 visited the U.S. District Court.
    #tbt when #FoundersFellow15 visited the U.S. District Court.
  10. Discussing the effect of the Cold War on civil liberties #FoundersFellow15
    Discussing the effect of the Cold War on civil liberties #FoundersFellow15
  11. Breakout group discussing the importance of safety while maintaining liberty.
  12. Further group discussion
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