Cross-pollination, Collaboration, Re-imagination

  1. Jack Cohen - Massless

  2. Generally people are unhappy with the way we interact with computers and content - and he's basing his life on that. "Computer" used to be a job description rather than a thing he says. A computer these days is a comms device, a media platform and a calculator. And now we have VR devices such as Oculus Rift.
  3. We can see in 3D and anything becomes a computing space. He has found investment and is getting into product mode.
  4. Discussion of differences between AR/VR - very interesting - how will this change social interactions. Realtime full body scanning not far away says Jack - and this will give a new way of seeing people in 3D.
  5. How necessary is haptic feedback? He's in two minds about this - there are visual cues and these may be enough. Full haptics may not be practical but some kind of touch sensitive response may be both helpful and possible.
  6. Kate Hofman - GrowUp Urban Farms

  7. Agriculture uses 30% of the available land and up to 70% of available water.
  8. How can you farm sustainably at scale in urban areas? That's what GrowUp is about.
  9. She's learned that things take twice as long as you think when you're dealing with big companies and their decision processes.
  10. Strong focus on the local market - and on people in cities understanding more about food production.
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