1. A friend of my daughter has become one of my favorite Twitter accounts, as he will occasionally go on a bit of a rant about some aspect of the entertainment industry. "Rant" is probably not the right word, as what he really does is mount thoughtful arguments.

    Thing is, he is laying these arguments out in Twitter, which means they come in bite-sized chunks. Often, I feel compelled to scroll through my stream, picking up his morsels of argument.

    His latest fragmental piece outlines the unintended consequences of the way current "blockbuster"-oriented movie marketing works. It's a great description of a tragedy of the commons at work, and suggests the current model has sustainability problems. I'm not sure I agree, and really I don't know enough to rebut intelligently. But I like the argument.

    I thought this would be a good chance to experiment with Storify as a means of curating this particular argument. (I wish my friend would publish these sorts of things on their own, as complete pieces -- he has a lot to say and his points would do well to be collected in one easy place.)
  2. (Now here comes the tragedy of the commons:)
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