1. On Sunday, 10 May, the London Review of Books published Seymour Hersh's investigative reporting of the Osama bin Laden raid, exposing serious flaws in the official narrative.
  2. Immediately, those who understand what good journalism is, take Hersh's report seriously.
  3. Others, not so much. Less than 24 hours after his 10,000-word article had been published, some of Hersh peers were already piling up the criticism. Slate gets the trophy for best performance in what amounts to a smear campaign.
  4. Suddenly, Sy Hersh seemed to be very alone...
  5. But then, journalists across the board who actually did some reporting started to confirm key elements of Hersh's long piece.
  6. Sy Hersh talks to Bob Garfield of On The Media in an excellent, informative interview, where he addresses the main criticisms to his story. Well worth listening:
  7. And then there was this interview to Slate...
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