#AEFLiveTweet with Maria Plata

Maria Plata is a 2017 Arizona Teacher of the Year Ambassador for Excellence and First Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher at Kyrene Del Norte Dual Language Academy in the Kyrene School District.

  1. National Foreign Language Week is celebrated during the week of March 6 - 10 but Maria and her class are on Spring Break this week.
  2. We joined them in the classroom last week and saved the photos and fun to share this week when everyone else was joining in the celebration of foreign language in the classroom!
  3. This lesson is an annual activity Maria does in her classroom. It's a highlight of the year because it's so hands on and effective.
  4. The students are tasked to study the motion of swirling a marble in a closed cup and then study similar metrics using a foam ramp with a partner. The ramp can be manipulated and used in any fashion.
  5. Before we left, Maria circled up the class and asked for their thoughts on the science project entirely in Spanish.
  6. In addition to learning important theories and aspects of science (i.e. motion, gravity, speed, etc.), students are challenged to respond to Maria's questions entirely in Spanish. She uses Spanish vocabulary to teach the lesson and speaks entirely in Spanish during class-time.

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