TechTalks March 2017

Research is in-depth, detailed and deliberate. It's a serious challenge to condense and clarify a research project into a two-slide, two-minute presentation. But our researchers at the Michigan Tech Research Forum TechTalks are up to the challenge.

  1. Nearly a decade later, the Michigan Tech Research Forum revivified the TechTalks, honoring both Donna Michalek's legacy and the new developments in campus research.
  2. 13 researchers. 2 slides. 26 minutes.

  3. Check out some of Jeremy's work at the Advanced Power Systems Research Center: 
  4. Dave is one of the lead researchers on a newly funded project to assess household consumption of food, energy and water resources: 
  5. Kathy coordinates a group of more than 100 academic, government and NGO researchers to study forest bioenergy across North and South America: 
  6. Ghee is the newly appointed Portage Health Foundation Endowed Professor of Technological Innovations in Health: 
  7. NASA tapped Greg to lead the new Space Technology Research Institute to coordinate interdisciplinary research between agencies, national labs and universities: 
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