VOLC 2015

The 2015 VOLC conference seemed to have two hashtags on Tuesday July 21st so I am pulling the whole story together. As with all storify projects this will come from my subjective point of view.

  1. The day started with breakfast over in the Christensen Center followed by morning reflections from Ernie Worman who read the story of Barrington Bunny which I found online here  http://www.angelfire.com/music/lefantome/bunny.html 
  2. Darrell Jodock continued by reading the Mary Oliver poem The Summer Day which I found here loc.gov/poetry/180/133.html and then introduced Rahuldeep Gill's talk on Common Good in Society Today
  3. Not a lot of tweeting here but Rahuldeep mentioned the starbucks gaff in trying to start a conversation about race in America and asked participants to talk to each other about when they were working on something where their bubble was burst or when someone or something shot them down.
  4. Even though there was not a lot of tweeting the session was funny and engaging. It struck at the heart of people needing to be vulnerable enough to try to make a difference in the things that they believe in and how it may not always be a feel good kind of job.

  5. During lunch Suzanne and I talked about a hashtag and checked out #volc2015 - saw it was open and decided that we would start tweeting with it. At this time we had no idea that people had already been using #ELCAVOALCC

  6. Lynn Hunnicutt read Forever Oneness from Bee Lake which I found here  http://mnhopkins.blogspot.com/2011/08/forever-oneness-by-bee-lake.html  She then introduced Samuel Torvend
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