1. Starting with an overview works well. Thanks Magdalena
  2. Followed by the key question for the day
  3. And an excutive summary! This is MELSIG collaboration in action!
  4. But let's return to the beginning. All credit goes to Chrissi Nerantzi from MMU who has been committed to MELSIG for so many years and embodies open learning learning. Thanks Chrissi.
  5. A video postcard produced by Dee Vyas hopefully began to establish the mood before the event.
  6. We did find out Simon - very smart.
  7. Then we started the day. And paper and origami became a recurring theme. Simon Thomson demonstrated well how, just because you're responsible for technology-enhanced learning at an institution, it's not always necessary to engage people.
  8. Several facilitators and participants from the #BYOD4L were present. Here @suebecks (right) and @chrissinerantzi (centre) ask @andrewmid (left) if Sheffield Hallam are going to re-run #BYOD4L as in blended mode in June. Yes, and we hope other institutions will reuse this then too so we can make further connections.
  9. The ideas haven't been counted yet (or transcribed...)...
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