Welcome to our chocotalk!

Hello everybody, did you miss our chocotalk? Don't you worry at all, here you can read what we talked about!

  1. We changed a little bit this mission! At the beginning we had to to explore various podcasting services, or voice tools, or audio tracks, and use them in collaboration and with a goalwithin our CLIL eproject.
    One day we were working really hard (as we normally do) in our Infographic and ourteacher came up with a fantastic idea! Why don’t we do a chocotalk event? For me, it sounds like Chinesee.. What is a chocotalk? You can read all the information here:  http://tertuliasconsaborachocolate.blogspot.com.es/ 

    The event was hosted by our teacher @mjgsm and we debated about CLIL and how it can contribute to improving learners' emotional intelligence and making them happier people.
    Unfortunately not all of us could be speakers live, so we had different roles. Curating who were responsible for writing down everything about the choco talk
    And disseminator who had to spread the chocotalk to the world at socialnetworks .
  2. Furthermore everybody could pay attention to our blog Stop and Learn English since we gave the viewers the opportunity to ask questions! They just had to write them in our blog, or in twitter by using the hashtag #chococharlas or #ictclil_urjc and we could answer them live!

  3. Some days before the event we were very excited and we had already announced what we were going to do!

  4. Our mate @LauraGonGar5 was responsible for moderating the chocotalk, so she started introducing the viewers what was the chocotalk going to be about and who was going to speak.
  5. Laura explained us that the chocotalk was going to be divided in 4 different parts: First of all social and emotional benefits, advantages and disadvantages of CLIL, ICT in the classroom and also about our ICT CLIL e Projects.
  6. The first thing that my mates talked about was the importance of crosscurricular work in the schools. CLIL has many advantages and benefits and one of them is the fact that it allows the teacher to work in a crosscurricular way. They highlighted the importance of working in this way, and despite it can be difficult sometimes, it is essential, and as @patimasie said "It is part of our job".
  7. They also reflect on this idea by thinking how we can do crosscurricular work in High Schools since it is a little bit more difficult than in Primary as there is one teacher per subject. We propose to do it with e-projects.
  8. @GLHmaster added one drawback of CLIL. "Some experts say that the fact of working in a foreign language has a negative effect for the mother tonge, students have a low level in their own language" that claim that even though he did not agree with that statement he wanted to know other people opinion.
  9. He also introduced a statement that said that many students feel stressful learning by using a second language.
  10. @teacher_inma opinion was that it depends on the teacher scaffold, how they work to manage their anxiety.
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