Massive Earthquake 7.5 Magnitude Hits, North Canterbury New Zealand

A massive quake, magnitude 7.5 struck at 12.02am near Hamner Springs in the South Island of New Zealand followed by 100s of aftershocks. 2 people are dead. Tsunamis were recorded in Wellington and Lytellton and the coastal town of Kaikoura is completely cut off.

  1. A massive quake, magnitude 7.5 struck 2 minutes after midnight South East of Hamner Springs in the South Island. The quake has caused significant damage from Christchuch to Wellington.

    Tsunami warnings were issued for the entire east coast of NZ – including Wellington - & the Chatham Islands. Tsunami activity was observed in Wellington's Lyall Bay, and in Lytellton Habour. Evacuations were ordered in Christchurch, Wellington and Hawke's Bay. In the morning the PM revealed that at least two people had been killed near Kaikoura.

    Aerial pictures of hard hit Kaikoura taken this morning show massive damage to the coastal highway and buildings in the area. Kaikoura is now cut off in all directions. Speaking to Radio NZ, Wellington City Council's Richard McLean said there was significant damage in Wellington including windows falling out of buildings, cracks in the port and liquefaction in the port area.
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  4. In the first few hours after the quake the major drama was Tsunami warnings issued for most of the coastline from Gisborne to Otago. Tsunami wave activity was reported by eye-witnesses in Wellington and Auckland. Sirens were sounded in many places and 1000s of NZers evacuated up nearby hills.
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