1. Sweden has welcomed more refugees and asylum seekers, relative to its own population, than any other country. By the end of 2015 it is expected to receive more than 190,000 people.
  2. The Scandinavian country's generous immigration policy has been cited as an incentive for the influx of refugees. In addition to the services offered to adults, it's a top destination for unaccompanied minors, under the age of 18.
  3. As more people arrive into the country, systems are being overburdened and resources are running out. On October 15, officials announced Sweden would begin housing refugees in tents.
  4. Sweden has also seen a number of arson attacks at refugee centres. In just one week in October, four buildings burned in suspicious fires. Many Swedes allege a link between the fires and a rise in public anti-immigration sentiment.
  5. @GustaveLund: "Logic according to Sweden's friends: 'There is a housing shortage due to the tide of refugees. So we burn a refugee accommodation'".
  6. In September, the Swedish Democrats, a far-right party with early ties to Neo-Nazi groups, received 13 percent of the vote, rising to become the third-largest party. During the campaign, they promised to cut the amount of asylum-seekers in Sweden by 90 percent. Since then, the party's support has hovered in the 20 percent-range, peaking at some 25 percent in August.
  7. Still, public opinion polls also reflect a desire from Swedes to support refugees. They have shown public support for the country welcoming more refugees than it does at present, as well as a growing fear of xenophobia.
  8. @PonnyRiot: "Manifestation in support of refugees in Övertorneå tonight. Nice that so many people signed up. Hope in humanity".
  9. The Stream asked its community: How is Sweden dealing with its refugees?
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