1. Bollywood is the world's largest producer of movies, producing over 1,000 films a year with a global fan base. However, India's film industry has faced growing scrutiny. A recent viral video examines scenes in popular Bollywood movies and ties them to incidents of assault in India. 
  2. An opinion piece published in Forbes magazine weighed in on the issue.
  3. Portraying women as sex objects has far-reaching ramifications from normalizing eve-teasing and stalking, to glorifying rape and murder. Women feeling a sense of safety in India is unquestionably in danger.
  4. Bollywood dance sequences or "item numbers", like the one below, have taken a lot of heat for how they portray women. 
  5. Jalebi Bai (item Song) - Double Dhamaal (2011) *HD* 1080p *BluRay* Music Video
  6. According to Bollywood Journalist, item numbers are special songs, which are not connected with the story line. It is often thought to be made purely for commercial value. 
  7. Many tweeted The Stream on Bollywood's social responsibility.
  8. Sunny Singh said: 
  9. While mass media does impact social values and norms, it is simplistic to hold a commercial film industry responsible, especially one that is as diverse as 'Bollywood.' While much of the representation of women (or indeed, men, families, and society in general) is problematic, 'Bollywood' is not a monolith and represenations vary not only with every movie but often within a film.
  10. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a conservative political body in India, told The Hindustan Times they had plans to encourage more value-based films.
  11. the party's arts and culture experts are planning to create a department that would encourage the film industry to concentrate on "developing and promoting films [focused] on Indian tradition."
  12. Several shared their views on the BJP's plan. 
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