1. Many in India praised the video and its message. 
  2. Great work, AIB, they are just like us and we, like them. The media will never show them. No one will ever show them, its cause they don't fit our common understand of Pakistan, this was an outstanding effort. Thank You.
  3. As I was watching this, I was thinking - oh this is well meant, but it's so cheesy, so cringe worthy ewww... but then my mom walked up to where I was sitting, and said - "you've been smiling non stop for the last 5 minutes, what are you watching?"
  4. Great stuff guys.... i am indian and i am currently working in London. I can tell you with all my honesty that in UK, indians and pakistanis are best friends and they all hang out together. Good work to show this part of reality in this video. Cheers!
  5. Brilliant concept guys. I always thought their women were oppressed. They seemed...........normal!
  6. Not all comments were positive. 
  7. I am telling seriously there is no benefits for our country man or our country while befriending Pakistan. We should boycott Pakistan as much as possible . These unnecessary hand of friendship is always started by some really backchod Appians like AIB , which later misguide and misled our youth and fulfills ultimate plans of pakistan.This new century is for competing with china and europe and still you guys can't think beyond Pakistan
  8. Pakistanis also praised the video, while some responded to the negative commentary . 
  9. Vishal n Ekkaa we, Pakistanis, arent at all envious of ur progress. In fact, most of us look up to u ppl as an example of how we should have thrived as well. Any way, to each his own. Boycotting us wouldnt do anyone any good. The rest is up to u though God bless
  10. AIB great effort. Loved the video. Amazing concept. U guys rock. Huge fan. Much love from peshawarrrrr. SRKs city btw
  11. GREAT Job Guys..!!! I'm a proud paki who has a Indian brother in law... ;) Hope this politics crap goes away so we can be a proud n friendly neighbours ;) 
  12. Others questioned the use of English in the video and the participants' sincerity. 
  13. both can talk in hindi/urdu but chose to speak english ....... clearly shows western impact , both of the country need to start respecting their common culture and then only peace will be established
  14. Nice talk between the two strangers...but I thought if they haven't been told that they r talking to pakistani people orr indian people was there response same?
  15. Humans of Karachi shared the video with its Pakistani followers with the following message. 
  16. So, Happy Independence Day India! May we get the visa issue resolved so people from both sides can visit freely and get to know each other face to face. Would just like to add that it is very heartening to see so many loving and friendly comments coming out from Indians and Pakistani's on this small and simple exchange.
  17. Due to YouTube restrictions in Pakistan, they said All India Bakchod would upload an accessible version.  
  18. Translation: YouTube is banned there. 
  19. Sad part is, I can't share this video with my Pakistani friend, wahan YouTube banned hai.
  20. Pakistani's- please download a hotspot shield to see this or any VPN. AIB is working on uploading it on a video sharing site accessible to everyone out here as we speak.
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