1. Some have even interpreted the campaign's message as one that is "anti-white".
  2. Unfair Campaign PSA - Spot the Anti-White
  3. According to the Un-Fair's website, white privilege is "a set of advantages that are given to people who are part of the majority and dominant group".

    Below are items shared on their Facebook page to further describe white privilege.
  4. The online debate has largely been concentrated on blogs and Facebook, where netizens have taken on polarised views regarding the campaign's premise.
  5. I have to say I was really taken back by your ad. I have always been someone who has fought for equal rights of all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. But this campaign doesn't do this at all. I'm not here to make a scene, but I would like to make the point that the civil rights movement wasn't based on dividing people....it was based on bringing them together. Your campaign is titled "Un-Fair"? Well then isn't it unfair to stereotype a group of people just based on their race alone?
  6. Facebook groups opposed to the Un-Fair Campaign have also been created where some are accusing the group of being divisive and promoting "white guilt". 
  7. I will keep this civil, So your basic premise is that, white people are priviledged, just because they are white. I believe your premise that black people need our help to be our equil is grossly under estimating the black community. I think that most in the black comunity would reject that idea altogrther. Please correct if Im wrong...
  8. The new face of the race card.
    This is an actual card from a popular game I discovered this past weekend. The indoctrination of this biased concept has now become a pop culture buzz word.
  9. The campaign argues that white privilege is a product of systemic racism.
  10. It is important to again note that this campaign is not "attacking" anyone. What we are saying is that white people, because of the color of their skin, have unearned privilege in this country. They did nothing to get this unearned privilege, and often are not even aware of this unearned privilege. However, people of color do not have this privilege and this causes oppressions and disparities in this country. When we say "It's hard to see racism when you're white" we are talking about SYSTEMIC RACISM
  11. Supporters of Un-Fair also came to the campaign's defense.
  12. Contrary to popular belief, the goal is to not make White Americans feel guilty (if they do feel guilty, that's on them). The goal is for White Americans to be honest and aware of the original purpose for creating the idea of race and understand the historical and contemporary implications of this designation. Any takers?
  13. The Un-Fair Campaign continues to receive support from community groups and institutions.
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