1. Nationalist Buddhist groups say their mission is to "save the Sinhala race," which makes up 74 per cent of the population. In recent years, nationalist groups such as Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) and Ravana Balaya have campaigned against religious minorities in Sri Lanka. They say they are non-violent, yet minorities accuse them of attacking mosques and Christian churches and prayer centres, as seen in the video below: 
  2. Mob including Buddhist monks attack Christian centre in Hikkaduwa
  3. Buddhists mobs attacked nearly 20 mosques last year, according to Sri Lanka's capital police. And more than three Christian places of worship were reportedly targeted this year. BBS denies involvement in the sectarian violence. 

    However, the group has warned of the spread of Islam and actively leads a campaign against the Muslim system of certifying halal foods and other goods. According to the BBS, they are not against halal products, but believe halal food should not be imposed on Sri Lankans of other religions. 
  4. Some netizens said "Buddhist supremacy" is fueling religious tensions: 
  5. Others believe the rise in violence toward minorities has resulted from the spread of false information about Christians, Muslims and Hindus. 
  6. As nationalist Buddhist groups gain more influence, religious moderates are expressing concern that Buddhist values are being hijacked by politics. Last month, Sri Lanka's second largest monastic order for Buddhist monks banned all monks within its chapter from engaging in any form of political activity. Still, monks outside this order continue to protest and campaign within the country.

    Online, many believe the lack of response from the government has empowered groups such as BBS: 
  7. Some netizens say after 26 years of armed conflict, some post-war strife is to be expected: 
  8. Members of our community also said violence in religious societies is inevitable: 
  9. From the birth of Christianity to Islam and other religions.Religion has always been an excuse for people to tear each other apart.I bet God does not care which religion you belong to as long as you acknowledge HIM and worship HIM. People need to know the meaning of LOVE. #FAITH
  10. It's love & peace that every religion speaks about. When the other can be violent, why can't be Budddhism?
  11. All religions have the best intent to preach and do good. It is the practitioners that give religions a bad name.
  12. Others believe violence and Buddhism do not go together: 
  13. Buddhism is a religion of peace, selfdenial and enlightenment, if some monk turn violent dey are no longa buddist monk... Peace to d world....
  14. The tensions have spurred political cartoons, like this one, which suggests Sri Lanka must protect its children from racism:
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