1. Violence has spread across South Sudan as divisions came to a head between President Salva Kiir and former Vice President Riek Machar in the middle of December. The fighting that started in the capital Juba has claimed at least 1,000 lives and there are nearly 200,000 people displaced.
  2. Negotiations to end the violence were set to start at the beginning of 2014, but faced several delays.
  3. After several false starts, face-to-face negotiations began between representatives of Kiir and Machar on January 5 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

    IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority of Development), the East African regional block brokering the talks, says the negotiations will focus on a ceasefire and the release of political prisoners. 
  4. Eventually diplomacy will provide some sort of solution. But, by then, how many people more will be forced to leave their land and possessions, or will be killed….
  5. Even with the ongoing peace talks and UN calls for cease fire, fighting continues within the country as detailed in the Al Jazeera report below. The Sudanese President visited the south to address the internal conflict that has claimed so many lives.
  6. South Sudan peace talks marred by violence
  7. Now close to 200.000 displaced in South Sudan fighting. Talks in Addis must bring quick end to conflict. t.co/xC096FTcjY
  8. The infographic below shows the latest numbers of displaced people according UNHRC United Kingdom:
  9. Kiir has accused Machar of an attempted coup after the president sacked Machar in July 2013. Machar denied the claims and has demanded that Kiir resign. Kiir said attempts of a coup were "foiled" as explained in the Al Jazeera report below:
  10. S. Sudan President says attempted coup 'foiled'
  11. 2 years of independence and already total collapse
  12. I'm sure when it became independent this is precisely what people predicted what would happen...
  13. Many say the root of the ongoing conflict is ethnic tensions and tribalism. Both leaders belong to different groups: Kiir is Dinka and Machar belongs to the Nuer. 
  14. Poor Africa just has too many different militant groups and tribalism. It's a never ending quagmire in many countries, even new ones like South Sudan. I hope there are solutions to the violence, but what would they be?
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