1. @RuGovEditsWikipedia article "List of aircraft accidents in civil aviation" has been edited by RTR 
  2. The changes were made to a site listing civil aviation accidents, including MH17. According to the news site Global Voices, the original text said MH17 was shot down "by terrorists of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic with Buk system missiles, which the terrorists received from the Russian Federation," and was posted by a Wikipedia user with an IP address in Kiev. The text was replaced to say that "The plane was shot down by Ukrainian soldiers.”

    Tweeted by @NotSoProBlogger, below is a screenshot of the original text.
  3. Some online said that the edit was a propaganda move by the Russian government. 
  4. This clumsy attempt at propaganda only makes the russian government appear amateurish. It also makes their denials of culpability seem less truthful.
  5. Others said that the news was being overblown.
  6. People are blowing this out of proportion. One over-eager official edits wikipedia and suddenly it is "Russian goverment omg omg omg wtf!"
  7. On the social media forum Reddit, one user emphasised the edit could have been made by anyone at the television company. 
  8. The tweet actually says that Wiki's article has been edited by VGTRK which is a television company. Jeez. VGTRK has thousands of employes, the ordinary people, who can edit Wiki from their work PC-s, any of them could do that. But telegraph decided to make an article out of nothing.
  9. This is not the first time that edits have come from Russian government IP addresses. Using data from Wikimedia, Norwegian programmer Jari Bakken found that Russian government IP addresses made anonymous edits to ru.wikipedia.org 6,909 times over the last 10 years. The changes range from critiques of the United States to minor changes in video game plots. 
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