1. 'The Samaritans', a new Kenyan TV show pokes fun at the absurdities of NGO culture in developing countries. The comedy produced in mockumentary style revolves around the Kenyan office of 'Aid for Aid', a fictional NGO with no purpose. 

    'Aid for Aid' employs different clichéd characters such as Scott, a young ignorant American with little experience in development. He is appointed director of the NGO, upsetting an ambitious Kenyan women, Martha, who has spent her career in development. The show also features a white aid worker wearing African-style braids in her hair, who comes back from her holidays with a much younger Kenyan husband.
  2. Africa For Norway - New charity single out now! Official christmas video
  3. 'Tripp and Tyler', an American comedy duo mocks "One for One" campaigns promoting smoothie machines for African villages. 
  4. There are also cartoon videos that poke fun at humanitarian aid workers. 
  5. International Aid Worker Cocktail - Sudan
  6. I want to be an aid worker
  7. This blog gathers satirical observations on the life of expat aid workers.
  8. The background to the jokes is a fierce debate - whether development aid is doing good, or if it's a form of NGO-colonialism. Many online criticise corruption or the condescending attitude of western NGOs. 
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