1. All India Bakchod co-founder Gursimran Khamba @gkhamba spoke to The Stream about using comedy to attack rape culture in India and the response online to the video.
  2. Gursimran Khamba on 'blaming the victim' in India
  3. Many viewers applauded the video's approach.
  4. This is phenomenal! If black humor is supposed to do anything at all, this is it. Seriously, I think this should be made in all regional languages and shown on TV, because literally everyone should watch and understand this. This video will make more of a dent than a thousand lectures and sermons.
  5. Many took the opportunity to point out how frequently "blaming the victim" occurs in discussions about rape.
  6. People who blame victims are not in general well educated, but they nevertheless are influential public figures - religious leaders, film stars,etc. They are the biggest enemies of women as issues like bringing up boys the proper way do not get across. In general, the repression of sexual freedom in India is a major problem that needs to be addressed.
  7. wow such a powerful video and so very moving....unless we the youth change things, it is perfectly okay to critisize 'indian culture' (which seems to have peeved many here). People define the culture. And we the youth have to take it back from the current misogynists. Irrespective of the language, the message counts but I do hope such a video is made in multiple languages to increase its reach.
  8. Others found the message of the video less effective and debated its methods.
  9. Right after watching : Admiration at how this sends out a strong message.Moments later : Depressed as to till when will this go on.
  10. Yes, it's a great but unfortunately, you can't teach those who don't want to learn. And it is true that it's easy to find people(even girls) who blame girls for being raped for same excuses this video descrbies.
  11. Great now you have turned rape in to a joke. I am against rape and for respect and protection of women. Once you reduce a serious problem in society to joke be assured that you will not get any serious response from anybody
  12. Perfectly done. It does reach a target audience. You wouldn't believe the number of well educated, high income, high strata of society people who genuinely blame crap like the clothing.90% of rapes are caused in rural areas, clearly because the women in villages strut around Victoria's Secret.
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