1. Foujan Rouzbeh and Nabila Abdul Fattah, organizers of Hijab Uppropet, said this initiative is about raising awareness on the types of abuse Muslim women face for their religious identity. 
  2. Translation @FOUJAN: Follow #hijabuppropet on instagram: hijabuppropet ( +same # as on twitter and event name on fb). Take & spread!
  3. Translation @LOANSUNDMAN: I determine what I wear on my head. #hijabuppropet
  4. Translation @JOELALMROTH: Yes wear veils today to show solidarity for all women, are put up with harassment and attacks! #hijabuppropet
  5. Translation @FROST_EMMA: Solidarity. #hijabuppropet
  6. Swedish television host Gina Dirawi and politician Veronica Palm are just some notable figures who expressed solidarity with #hijabuppropet. Green Party leader, Asa Romson, went as far as to change her Twitter profile picture, tweeting her support. 
  7. Translation @asaromson: Risk of being beaten and discriminated against for how they choose to dress, everyday life for many women in Sweden 2013
  8. Translation @VERONICAPALM: No one should be discriminated against, harassed or viewed in suspicion, just because of how you choose to dress. #hijabuppropet
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