1. Image translation: We are not a crime.
  2. The image below calls on Twitter users to join Saturday's protest in Puerta del Sol, the main square in the Spanish capital.
  3. @Soligato: On November 1st we go out to the street to exercise our liberty to gather and express ourselves.
  4. Image translation: Why should I be silent if I was born shouting.
  5. Human rights organisations also expressed concerns about an amendment on the proposed law that they say would significantly reduce the rights of foreigners in Spain by allowing police to reject any migrant at the border.
  6. Many argued that the proposed law doesn't protect the public.
  7. @Sergetsus: It's unfortunate that the government's response to the largest outbreak of corruption in Spain is to silence citizens.
  8. The bill includes controversial measures such as fines up to $800,000 for unauthorized protest outside parliament. People who also take pictures of police during demonstrations reportedly may also face fines.
  9. @Pablo_Iglesias: Laws to tackle corruption? They don't touch. Pursuing the citizens who protest? The government's priority.
  10. Some called the proposed law a step against democracy.
  11. @XandraZeta: Why is it so hard to have a democracy with freedom of speech in 2014? Who understands this?
  12. @marianMasoto54: Democracy? No, dictatorship in disguise.
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