Student Voice - an AQS Day 5 Resource

Strong student voice and leadership are integral to schools achieving excellence. Here are 5 ways in which you can ensure that student voice rings loud and clear in your institution.

  1. Adhyayan places the student at the centre of all that it does and has learned that schools striving for excellence must give its students a space to share their thoughts and views.
  2. "Student voice is giving students the ability to influence learning to include policies, programs, contexts and principles."[3]
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  4. Student Voice - What Good Looks Like

  5. The school welcomes involving students in shaping the day to day running of the organization and the ‘organization’s rules’. In lessons, students regulary review their own learning, with the teacher and other students. Student views are taken into account when planning the curriculum.
  6. Student Voice - peers and teachers
    Student Voice - peers and teachers
  7. If you're wondering how to go about improving student voice in your institution, Adhyayan has compiled a list of things to get you started on your journey.
  8. Listen to Spokey Wheeler, International Director, Adhyayan talk about the importance of student voice

  9. Spokey Wheeler on Student Voice
  10. Tip 1 Step in to your students' shoes for the day

  11. One teacher decided to follow two students for 48 hours to see what a regular day was like and was amazed at what she learned.
  12. Read the entire Washington Post article below.
  13. So why not start your journey by being a student for the day? Attend classes, attemp homework and assignments. Follow it up with circle time with students and fellow teachers and share your learnings. Remember to celebrate what went well and talk about areas that need improvement. Ask your students what challenges they face on a daily basis.
  14. Tip 2 Introduce a democratic Student Leadership Model in your school

  15. Kavita Anand, Director, Adhyayan has this to say about healthy student leadership "Take for example student voice and discipline. When students feel they aren’t just a part of the problem but also the solution itself discipline comes in to play. This is far more effective than enforced discipline that arises out of fear of corporal punishment. Most importantly, it is the students first lesson in informed democratic behaviour."
  16. Read how Shishuvan School, Matunga achieved an "Outstanding" in this area.
  17. Tip 3 Start a TED-ED club in your school

  18. TED-Ed Club is a flexible, school-based program that supports students in discussing, pursuing and presenting their big ideas in the form of short TED-style talks. It's a great way to get your students exploring new ideas and help them build confidence in sharing them.
  19. Tip 4 Involve students in the running of the school

  20. What would happen if students had a chance to impact the way their school is run?
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