On 11/2, European emergency services promote 112, the european emergency number. Follow EENA press conference to improve 112 here, and with hashtag #save112

  1. If you want to watch the whole press conference, European parliament recorded it :

  2. During this day, 112 emergency services in Europe pushes for more knowledge of the european emergency number. 
  3. Matthieu Lieteart, Co-director of "The Brussels Business" is moderator.

    "When I met the EENA team, I didn't know much of this topic"

  4. Matthieu Lietart was astounished when he found out that "96 % of europeans think a common emergency number is a good idea. But only 27% of them are aware they can call 112 for any emergency, from any european country"

  5. Two years ago, EENA foundation made this video to explain how 112 european number works :
  6. Emergency Numbers in Europe: Diana's Journey
  7. Matthieu Lietart : "I also discovered that the Parliament has for many years strongly supported 112 with several records for signatures supporting various political initiatives. Thus I started to wonder why the European Commission did not do more for 112, and as usual, I asked myself: "who pressured the Commission to do even less for the safety of Europeans?" "Why isn't the money invested in the technologies that could definitely save more lives?"
  8. "After narrowly avoiding Breivik, myself and two others found shelter in the café’s staff toilet. While listening to our friends and comrades being murdered, we spent an excruciating 90 minutes trying to reach emergency services, to no avail. After countless attempts to dial all three of our emergency numbers, we did get through to the fire department on their number, but all they could inform us was that the Police were aware of the situation."

  9. Tore Sinding Bekkeval asks "How is it possible, that in 2014, a majority of European Countries are unable to transfer an overload of emergency calls to another 112 centre? How is it possible that some European emergency call centres do not even have computers? How can a Commissioner, responsible for and in charge of the EU's Digital Agenda, not be aware of this and take immediate action to change this situation ?"
  10. Then, Martin Schulz, president of the European parliament adresses the audience through a video : 

  11. Arturas Kedavicius was asked to resign from Head of the Lithuanian 112 service, explained how the lack of leadership at EU level has had tragic consequences when a women called 112 eight times but couldn't be located. 

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