A Note About Lawn Maintenance & Father's Day

  1. If the sky holds, I'm going to go outside and take care of the lawn. If the sky doesn't hold, I'll have to do it another day. Sometimes everyday life gives you all the metaphor you need.
  2. I've gotten an enormous response to my blog post the other day, and I've responded to little of it, and I'm not going to really do so here except to say "thank you." I'm glad it touched people, and I hope it does some small good somewhere. Perhaps paradoxically, I don't much like talking about that early loss, but it's a subject it seems I can't avoid writing about. I suppose it's my way of keeping my father's death from being completely meaningless. Maybe it's just that Father's Day is coming up, and it makes me maudlin, I don't know.
  3. The sky is looking dodgy right now. I think it's going to rain. That's OK, I have plenty to keep me occupied until it passes. There's always something that needs doing, isn't there?
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