Today's Social Entrepreneur - A Special Breed Of Hero


  1. Hidden in the limey shadows are those who carry a dream, an idea, a creative spark. The same spark as those in the bright lights, but more often with a difference. This is the kind of entrepreneur whose business does not usually make front page news.

  2. They want to leave their mark in the world with the same vigor as those in the limelight, but are less interested in the big hype, big money, and big attention. They are not out to be on CNN, or have the desire to be a corporate CEO.

  3. These are a special breed of entrepreneur ...

  4. Those who define human value in small increments, measured through ‘quality of life’, rather than quantities of widgets sold, or amount of money gained. They show us how good ideas, turned into little businesses, make big differences in other people’s lives - directly.

  5. They don’t necessarily have big fancy degrees, or a cool disruptive innovation, or long lists of name-dropping connections. No.

  6. But they do have dream and a passion that keeps them awake at night.

  7. I believe we need to make more room for these kinds of heros. Ways to support micro-startups who make small differences in a huge world.

  8. Those who offer something that changes a few lives in big ways, and giving them a healthy boost.

  9. A few examples - Janet, who turned a mobile van into an organic lunch truck to feed workers healthy food on her beat.

  10. Eric, who helps people reduce anxiety and increase personal insight by taking them on nature trips.

  11. John, who brings alternative bands into town and needs to fill more seats to keep his music doors open for the community.

  12. Theresa, who helps elders move into more manageable lifestyles.

  13. And Bill, who helps third world hunger while reducing pollution by giving people access to personal solar cookers.

  14. These are the kinds of business people I want to help bring into world marketplaces.

  15. Those with a selfless service or life-improving invention - who carry a purposeful passion that helps make it all happen.

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