Team Unity Propelled Germany To World Cup Victory

  1. Brazil v Germany: Biggest humiliation in history of Brazilian football as 7-1 thrashing in World Cup
  2. By Cheval John

    Argentina went as far as they could with Germany in the final and nearly came close to winning the World Cup in Brazil.

    However, a game-winning goal by substitute Mario Koetze in the 113th minute of extra time propelled Germany to claim their fourth World Cup title with a 1-0 victory. 

    Argentina had one of the best players in the world in Lionel Messi.

    He was the center-piece for the Argentine squad who were looking to bring home a World Cup title for the third time since 1986.

    Messi scored 4 goals and claimed the Golden Boot.

    However, his teammates didn't produce when it mattered the most.

    Germany didn't have the marque star on their team, they had the best unit in this World Cup.

    They've showed that in order to win a huge tournament, everybody has to contribute in the assigned role that was given.

    If you run a business, your first inclination is to look for that "superstar" who can take your company to the next level.

    Though that might be the right move in the short term, it can wind up hurting you in the long term.

    Just like Germany, you need to have the right people who know their roles in the company.

    You must keep leading those who aren't in the front lines in the loop of everything because one day, they will be needed to deliver for you in crunch time. 

    Germany did just that with Goetze and because of it, they are the World Cup Champions.

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