Mr. Sheridan Was Right On The Money

  1. LeBron James: I'm Coming Home to Cleveland
  2. By Cheval John

    When Chris Sheridan first reported that LeBron James was going to return back to the Cleveland Cavaliers about three days ago, he faced strong criticism from many sports reporters.

    Some, like Colin Cowherd, even tried to find out how true the story was.

    Many didn't think it was possible for the two-time NBA champion and four-time MVP to return to Cleveland after the "infamous decision" four years ago when he announced on national television that he was going to the Heat.

    Well, Mr. Sheridan was right on the money with his reporting after LeBron announced via essay on Sports Illustrated today that he was returning back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    This episode has some lessons that we can apply to our daily lives.

    Here are two of those lessons that has built the credibility of Mr. Sheridan:

    You Must Earn Their Trust

    Mr. Sheridan built his friendship with his sources while he covered the NBA for the Associated Press and ESPN for over 20 years before launching his blog,

    He earned their trust by not outing them as the source of any breaking story.

    If you are running a business, you must build that relationship with your consumers and earn their trust if you are going to succeed.

     You Must Go Into Uncharted Waters

    Mr. Sheridan believed so much in his reporting that he was willing to put his reputation on the line.

    Sheridan stood his ground and answered the tough questions from many sports broadcasters, who themselves were afraid to break the news because of the possibility that LeBron would change his mind.

    If your business is going to disrupt an industry, you will hear a lot of naysayers who think that the status "quo" will not change and will try to discourage you.

    But if you know your core values, then you will be able to withstand anything that comes your way. 

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