Longest Serving Anchor Returns "Home"

  1. KTRK 13 Eyewitness News Tonight (10/18/1994)
  2. By Cheval John
    Reporter, Vallano Media

    If you had an opportunity to sit down and chat with influential people like Mark Zuckerberg, NBC News Anchor Brian Williams, etc, what would you like to know.

    Sam Houston State University students had that opportunity last Thursday when Dave Ward stopped by the Dan Rather Building to share his experience as part of Priority One's "Mingling With the Media" event,.

     Ward has served as a news anchor for KTRK-13 in Houston for 47 years and felt at home in Huntsville, Texas.

    "I grew up in Huntsville," Ward said. "This is like coming to visit home."

    "These young people are so bright," the longest serving anchor for a local affiliate in the nation added. "They were so attentive and are really interested in communications.

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  4. For senior Ashley Ha, this was a dream come true because she was looking to get wisdom from Ward, who started out in radio and then moved into television.

    "I was able to get a quick word with him and the feeling of inspiration and excitement has made me feel complete in what I wanted to achieve today," Ha said. 

    Ward talked about how he made the transition from being a disc jockey on radio, one of the most coveted jobs at the time to a television journalist.

    He also added that the best television reporters come from radio when asked about if students should try to get jobs in a top ten market, like Houston.

    "It helps you develop you voice," Ward said. "Radio helped me immensely in my television career.

    'Ward also chimed in on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

    "You will always remember 9/11 as our generation will always remember the assassination of JFK that day," Ward said.

    Ward was really impressed with how Priority One, a student-run public relations firm, organized the semi-annual event.

    "When I drove up, they (Priority One) had a poster with my picture on it," Ward said. "They even had a parking place for me. I was kind of blown away by that."

    "These are sharp young people," Ward added. "They really are. I thoroughly enjoyed this."

    For Chelsi Homer, one of the 10 members for Priority One, it was a learning experience that she feels will allow her to get an edge in the job market once she graduates.

    "It was really cool," Homer said. "If anyone hears that you put together an event for the longest serving anchor for a network, that's going to look great for anyone."

    As Peter Roussel, moderator of the Mingling With the Media and faculty advisor of Priority One, says: "On to the next event."

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