1. Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays
  2. By Cheval John

    What if Michael Jordan had said to himself after being demoted to the junior varsity basketball team, "I Can Not Succeed?" 

    We would have missed out on seeing one of the greatest players to ever play the game of basketball in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

    What if Oprah Winfrey had said to herself after being fired by a local television station in Baltimore, "I Can Not Succeed?"

    The world would have missed out on a genuine woman who have changed the world for the better with the Oprah Winfrey Network, (OWN). 

    Many people are afraid to chase their dreams because they believe that they can't succeed.

    They think that the journey is too hard or even think that they need to be in bigger cities like New York City, Chicago, Houston or Los Angeles, in order to achieve success.

    What they fail to realize is that by not chasing their dreams, they are robbing the world of their gifts and talent.

    With social media platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook or even Vine, anyone can achieve their dreams from anywhere in the world. 

    Just ask Jaime Tardy, author of "The Eventual Millionaire."

    Mrs. Tardy had achieved the goal of getting out of over $70,000 in debt and was looking to share her message of how she did it and also to interview millionaires.

    The "problem" was that she was living in a small town in Maine where she didn't know a single millionaire.

    Mrs. Tardy could have said to herself, "I Can Not Succeed" because I'm in a small town."

    Instead, she did her research online and found millionaires who were willing to share their advice on how they achieved their goals of reaching their first million.

    Overtime, she has interviewed over 100 millionaires and built "The Eventual Millionaire" blog into one of the most go-to site for people looking to achieve their financial goals from a small town in Maine.

    Mrs. Tardy eventually moved to a "bigger" city to take her blog and business to the next level.

    So if a person wants to achieve their dreams, they have to change their mindset.

    It's just a matter of taking the "not" from the sentence and then declare  "I Can Succeed."

    That will make a whole world of difference. 
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