1. USA vs Portugal 2 2 World Cup 2014 Full Match Preview
  2. By Cheval John 

    The USA soccer team were on the verge of pulling off the biggest upset in their history after Clint Dempsey had given them a 2-1 lead against Portugal.

    Instead of continuing their attack against the Portuguese defense for the insurance goal, they tried to run out the clock.

    As a result, Portugal scored in stoppage time for the equalizer and staved off elimination in the World Cup.

    Though both teams earned a point, the U.S. really "lost" because they would have gotten out of the "Group of Death" if they had won.

    Now, they have to either get a win or a draw against Germany in order to advance to the knock out stage in the World Cup.

    Like the U.S., many people believe that if they play it safe at their jobs and don't stand out from the crowd, that they will be all right.

    In reality, they are sending the message that they are not creative and are willing to go along with the program even if they have an innovative idea that can take their company to another level.

    When the time comes for the person in charge to make a decision on who stays and who goes, they will let go of those who played it safe.

    So if you are looking to advance professionally and personally, you must take calculated risks.

    If you don't, then you will end up losing in the end.
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