Brazil Were The "Real Winners" Of The World Cup

  1. World Cup 2014 - Match Of The Day Pundits React To Brazil 1-7 Germany Full Time Score
  2. By Cheval John

    Though the Brazil National Team fell short of winning the 2014 World Cup in their home country, many could say that the tournament was a success. 

    For those who think that it was, they can point to the amount of coverage the tournament received from media outlets around the world.

    For example, a record 17,324,000 people in the United States watched the final between Argentina and Germany on ESPN.

    And with the advent of social media, the total coverage double.

    Twitter reported that there were 672 million total tweets referring to the World Cup.

    That beat the record of tweets mentioning the Super Bowl.

    They can also point out that tourism boomed during this tournament as fans from the 32 participating countries around the world spent their money at restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.

    What is not better than word of mouth marketing as many said that the Brazilians were gracious host and even showed their pride despite the humiliating spanking that their national team experienced at the hands of the Germans (7-1 semifinal) and the Netherlands (3-0 third place game).

    For those who thought that it was a mistake for Brazil to host the World Cup, they have something to point to as well.

    According to a report by Fox News Latino, the cost to build infrastructure like new roads, stadiums, etc. amounted to $11.3 billion.

    They can argue that the only ones who benefited were the sponsors and FIFA, the official governing body of World Football.

    It is documented that one stadium that was built in Manuas will not be used again after the tournament.

    No matter which side of the argument you fall under, one thing is certain.

    The world was focused on Brazil and the socio-economic issues they faced was brought into the limelight.

    All in all, Brazil were the "real winners" of the World Cup.

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