Another Chance At Greatness

  1. By Cheval John
    Reporter, Vallano Media

    Everyone has one life to make things happen in the world.

    Many would go through the motions of keeping up with the Joneses: this person has a better job, so I must outdue that person or they have a nice house and I got to work more hours to get the money in order to get a nice house of my own.

    The problem with that is that when you are chasing waterfalls, you feel empty when you achieved them.

    At the same time, you would miss the boat on your calling and then live to regret it.

    For Sam Houston State Bearkat seniors that includes Brian Bell, Richard Sincere,  and Timothy Flanders, their goal of reaching the NCAA Division I FCS National Championship Game in Frisco, TX for the third consecutive time nearly was taken from them.

    The Bearkats has reached the title game in the last two years and lost both times to North Dakota State.

    Even with some changes in the coaching staff ( leaving for other schools), the Bearkats felt that they could make it back again.

    Everything was going their way midway through the season when they were nationally ranked in the top ten in both the FCS Sports Network poll and Coaches Polls and had an 8-2 record going into the final two games with a chance of claiming a share of the Southland Conference title after Southeastern Louisiana beat McNeese State in Lake Charles.

    Then it went out of control as Sam Houston lost the final two games to Southeastern and to Central Arkansas.

    The last game seemed to have been the dagger for these seniors because they were riding on an at-large bid to get into the FCS playoffs that expanded from 20 to 24 teams this year.

  2. Football: Sam Houston State at Central Arkansas
  3. But fate intervened as teams who needed to win, lost their final games and the Bearkats received that coveted at-large bid.

    With the new system in which the NCAA Division I Football Committee decides who gets an at-large bid, the Bearkats got the nod thanks to their strength of schedule that includes a win against No.3 Seed Eastern Washington, two FCS losses to No.4 Seed Southeastern Louisiana and No.6 Seed McNeese State and a FBS loss to then No.9 Texas A&M.

  4. Football: Sam Houston State 49, Eastern Washington 34 (Highlights)
  5. Though the Bearkats will have to play the opening round this Saturday at 2 p.m. at Bowers Stadium against Southern Utah, they are fine with it.

    For the seniors, they realized that they were given a second chance at greatness and will take advantage of their opportunity to go out in a blaze of glory.

    What was the moment when you realized your calling to greatness?

    You can reply below. 

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