Look, its a Bird, its a Plane! Oh, it is a parent

Helicopter Parents 101

  1. The thought of going to school is a marvelous idea, unless it is to follow your child, so that her or she is not alone. Sounds unreal, right?
  2. "There was a mother who came to the radio station trying to get all in her sons business," said Ashley Wilson, graduate student, at the College at Brockport. "She ended up applying to come to school, so that he would not be alone."
  3. Wilson has seen situations where the parents were more concerned about the students business than the student.
  4. Because she also works in the Financial Aid Office, she has seen parents who are so controlling that they would drive 3-6 hours to manage their students account.
  5. "Parents have even come in angry about the award packages," said Wilson.
  6. This is typical behavior of a helicopter parent. A helicopter parent is a parent who hovers over their child or young adult, overseeing their every move, especially in school. While this type of thing may seem alarming, parents genuinely care.
  7. "Oh yes, I am a helicopter parent," said Dominique Boller, senior journalism/broadcasting major at the College at Brockport.
  8. Bollers son is an only child and with that comes all the fears of losing that child.
  9. "A parent like myself feels powerless against the outside influences her child comes in contact with," said Boller. "With that comes the desire to protect him from everyone, and everything."
  10. For most parents, the goal is getting kids out, until it is really time to do so.
  11. "The incidents of helicopter parents have increased significantly over the 35 years that I have been here," said Lori A. Freeman, Senior Academic Advisor at the College at Brockport. "It is the new generation, everyone is so connected."
  12. We are no longer in the days where parents let their kids wander until the street lights come on.
  13. Helicopter Parenting 101: Teach them how to fly, then let them fly.
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