NatSCA Conference 2015 - Museums Unleashed!

The Natural Sciences Collections Association (NatSCA) conference took place 21-22 May 2015 at MShed, Bristol, with a 'behind the scenes' visit to Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. Steph Taylor from the DART team attended. And here is NatSCA2015 (mostly) in pictures...

  1. Something for librarians and archivists...
  2. Conference bingo is a great way to find out about a new community!
  3. Not only did the tweets roll in, but we managed to get the conference trending on Twitter - second only to the Eurovision Song Contest. #socialmediaskillz
  4. A great idea for sharing links and ideas. People stuck up post-its and took pictures of the wall for reference.
  5. Possibly my favourite title for a presentation ever.
  6. Paolo Viscardi from the Horniman Museum described social media channels in terms of the number of people that could, potentially, be reached through them. Very useful way of looking at social media.
  7. @mardixon is the hashtag queen - fascinating to hear from the person who started the #askacurator & #museumselfie hashtags. A very inspiring speaker.
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