1. Keynote:

    Promoting Positive Role Models to Bridge the Technology Gender Gap

    Samantha Swift, Product Manager at McAfee Labs, explored the results and implications of a recent survey undertaken by McAfee, which asked: ‘Could people recognise the names of prominent men and women in IT?’.
  2. Her talk provoked a lot of discussion about who should be responsible for inspiring women and promoting female role models in the technology sector:
  3. Women in Technology

    Samantha Swift was joined by Heidi Fraser-Krauss, Mandy Phillips, and Sarah Sherman to talk about the issues faced by women in technology.
  4. The panel sparked an ongoing discussion throughout FOTE14, with the audience split between those looking for change and those who felt that women in technology should be talking about their subject, rather than their gender. Here is a sample of the discussion:
  5. Future Gazing

    In this series of short keynotes, Dave Coplin discussed the incredible opportunities that lies in front of us when we think about the potential of humans plus machines, Bethany Koby explored 21st century learning and skills, and Miles Metcalfe argued that we must learn to gaze into the future without becoming dazzled by the shiny.  The keynotes were followed by a Q&A session chaired by Frank Steiner.
  6. There were a number of quotes that struck a chord with the FOTE14 attendees. Here are just a few of the comments they highlighted via Twitter:
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