Your reactions to the alternative promise

  1. great news and makes scouting 'truly inclusive' in the modern age
  2. This is excellent news. I'm very pleased to read this and I like the new wording for atheists / humanists. I'll be asking for my sons to make this new promise rather than the previous one.
  3. Inclusive scouting for all. And faith hasnt been abolished which is realy positive. Old ways and the new working in harmony.
  4. Great move, but lets keep the same morals :)
  5. Mixed feelings, the duty to god was something that set us apart. On saying that Scouting IS inclusive so I welcome it a balance with old and new!
  6. The best thing about this is that they have kept the original scout promise and made the new one an alternative. My only worry was that we would ditch the old Promise completely. Well done!
  7. Another great example of how Scouting has evolved over the decades to suit modern society.
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