2nd Annual Rolling History Party: "The Dragon Salutes Juneteenth"

Saturday, June 15, 2013 marks the date of The Tucson Chinese Cultural Center History Program's 2nd annual rolling history party. Building off of last years success, this tour took a stroll through historic Tucson to discover the past between African Americans and Chinese.

  1. Rolling History Party Flyer
    Rolling History Party Flyer
  2. Juneteenth History Tour Schedule
    Juneteenth History Tour Schedule
  3. Rolling History Part II - As a follow up to last years highly successful party tour, we packed another 60 person bus and headed around town to various historic Tucson spots.  While last years tour focused on Chinese influence in historic Mexican neighborhoods, this years tour builds on that by looking at African American neighborhoods.  We traveled to four different spots that each hold significance to African American history in Tucson.  Each stop featured a variety of cultural performances, delicious food and engaging remarks.     
  4. Party Bus Waiting To Depart
    Party Bus Waiting To Depart
  5. Before the bus began its voyage, it was decorated with a banner on each side.  Along with displaying the route, the banner also featured artwork inspired by one of the stops; the Dunbarspring Neighborhood.  
  6. Banner Featuring Dunbarspring Artwork
    Banner Featuring Dunbarspring Artwork
  7. With the bus ready go, and passengers starting to trickle in the The Tucson Chinese Cultural Center started prepping for the pre-departure meal.  The center provided a taste of their newly created Asian hot dogs.  Each passenger had their choice of various Asian infused condiments and toppings to make their own perfect Asian dog.  It was an excellent meal to start our journey through Tucson history.       
  8. Waiting For Departure
    Waiting For Departure
  9. Stop I: Donna Liggins Recreation Center "Juneteenth Celebration"

    The first stop was the Donna Liggins Recreation Center where on this particular day many gathered to celebrate Juneteenth. For those who are not familiar with the holiday, Juneteenth is a celebration that commemorates the announcement of the abolition of slavery in the U.S. state of Texas in 1865, and more generally the emancipation of African-American citizens throughout the United States.  Celebrated on June 19, the term is a portmanteau of June and nineteenth.  At this particular celebration there was a wide variety of cultural performances, games for kids and delicious food for sale!!! 
  10. TCA President Richard Fe Tom spoke to the crowd about the Tucson Chinese Cultural Center at the Juneteenth Celebration. Immediately following, the TCCC Lion Dance Team gave an energetic performance, filled with loud drums & cymbals.  They even ventured into the audience for a close up!!!
  11. TCA President Richard Fe Tom
    TCA President Richard Fe Tom
  12. TCCC Lion Dance @ Juneteenth
    TCCC Lion Dance @ Juneteenth
  13. TCCC Lion Dance Interact W/ Juneteenth Crowd
    TCCC Lion Dance Interact W/ Juneteenth Crowd
  14. After watching a number of unique cultural performances at the Juneteenth Celebration, everyone eagerly jumped back on the bus and headed out to the next stop. 
  15. Stop II: Dunbar Spring Neighborhood

    The second stop was through the historic Dunbar Spring Neighborhood.  Before reaching our destination, we viewed several unique traffic-circle art work displays along the way.  All of the artworks held some significance to the neighborhood, whether it be influential neighborhood figures, or other themes pertinent to the cultural of the neighborhood.   
  16. This particular traffic-circle artwork featured a mural/sculpture of Morgan Maxwell Sr. and his wife.  Morgan Maxwell Sr. was an influential figure in the early days of the neighborhood serving as principal at the nearby segregated Dunbar School.  Being such an important figure, it was only fitting that his son Morgan Maxwell Jr. was an honored guest on this very bus tour.  
  17. Maxwell Sr. Street Art
    Maxwell Sr. Street Art
  18. One of our honored guest Morgan Maxwell Jr. previously provided us with an oral history about his life in the Dunbar Neighborhood.    
  19. Morgan Maxwell Jr Oral HIstory
  20. To give a little more insight to what life was like in Dunbar, University of Arizona Basketball Star, and former Dunbar Spring resident Ernie MrCray was Skyped in to give his own recollections.   
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