5 Best LEGO Watches for Adults - 2016-2017 Gifts for Adult LEGO Fans

Top Picks in Adult LEGO Watches: Gift ideas for Christmas 2016 and into 2017

  1. For us adult LEGO fans, there may be no better gift than colorful, fun and versatile wearable timepieces - LEGO style! Here are some popular and fun picks -- great gift ideas for the grownups...

  2. Best Adult LEGO Watches - My Top 5 List

  3. This analog-style watch would be great for either women or men, having the familiar and classic minifigure head of the "LEGO guy." The main theme is classic blue and yellow - you can switch out the bezel between blue and yellow, go solid with the band or add some additional colorful fun to it. (Get more info or buy this watch here.)

  4. This watch is actually my personal favorite - it comes in either "Blue Brick" (shown above) or a pink version. Also an analog-style watch, this one also displays the date (a bit of a retro touch) - the bezel and band can be switched out and played with in a few different ways to provide a number of looks. While fun, this watch is also quite versatile and will go with just about anything you might happen to be wearing.

  5. For those who prefer a digital watch to an analog (or simply would like another watch to go along with their collection), this one is the perfect pick. With an accurate LCD display, the time is displayed in (what else?) LEGO bricks, also having the date displayed and a nifty LEGO brick at the top. So many ways to change out this one - practically endless possibilities in looks, all of them fun. I found this watch in several different dial colors including yellow (shown here), black, blue, pink and white - they can all be found by selecting a color from this page.

  6. For the LEGO geek in all of us! This quartz analog watch has a completely different look on the dial, displaying the time, day of the week, date and even a tachymeter! (I had to look that up - it measures speed. Yes, that's right.) Like the other watches from LEGO, this one is incredibly versatile - change out the bezel and band in a number of different ways for different moods and looks. You can buy or get more info on this watch here.

  7. This just is nothing like the happy LEGO guy -- always willing to give a smile. This analog watch looks pretty simple per the picture above, but guess what? Yep - you can change out the bezel to give the ultimate black contrast, also change out the band to add a bit of spice and fun to the look. Oh yes - and it also displays the date in a retro sort of way. =) To take a closer look or buy this watch, visit this page.

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