1. As part of a five-year project, English Heritage and Cornwall Archaeological Unit have set out to discover more about life at Tintagel Castle during the 5th to 6th centuries.
  2. At the 2016 dig, the team found well-preserved remains of a settlement. A community lived on the rugged coastline, and, despite the fall of the Roman Empire, they were thriving.
  3. Archaeologists have returned this year to learn more about the people of Tintagel. Discoveries suggest they were trading far and wide.
  4. News of the excavations has also travelled...
  5. The team has unearthed a cluster of buildings on the headland, possibly linked together by a terrace.
  6. Despite some challenging weather, Professor Alice Roberts and crew joined the archaeologists to film a documentary about the dig.
  7. Visitors to Tintagel have been watching the dig in action and hearing about new discoveries as they happen.
  8. And with a week to go, the excavations have already exceeded expectations. An early medieval stronghold has come to light, and a wealth of finds waits to be analysed.
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