1. iHub Nairobi (Kenya) was also in attendance. This hub is known as one of the best African support systems for the tech community. iHub also hosts a training programme for youth entering the work market and has assisted numerous digital startups to commercialise and scale up their tech businesses.
  2. Technology venture capital and forming local partnerships was discussed in relation to the following industries: e-commerce, gaming, education technology and social networking. The challenges in securing capital for sound business ventures is still a challenge for many African players although speakers were positive that this trend is shifting.
  3. Amadou Daffe from Gebeya - Best of African Talent- shared with attendees his belief that Africa has enough human capital talent to create a software industry that could stand up to that of the US and Asia. What Daffe believes is missing is the required digital skill levels that will allow Africa to compete globally. He empahised the need to bridge the digital skills gap in Africa in order to accelerate sustainable growth.
  4. Charlene Hau argued that there are other investment opportunities that exist in Africa beyond the tech space and spoke about AFRICA COFFEE & TEA (ACT) where she has set up an ACT cafe, bar and event space in Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong to promote premium coffees and teas exported out of Africa.
  5. Dawit Abraham showed attendees his Kukulu Game - which is a 3D mobile runner game that tells the adventures of a brave chicken in Ethiopia. Abraham stressed the importance of Africans telling their own stories and creating their own animation so that one can relate to the characters reflected in the games.
  6. The Rethink Live Seminar was well worth attending. Gaining insights from other African and Asian players in the tech and digital spaces was very invigorating. The biggest lesson is that many of the digital business problems that we are trying to solve in South Africa are not that far removed from what many of our global counterparts are dealing with.
  7. One thing for sure....Africa is the next frontier!
  8. - Storify Compiled By Sandra Malele
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