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  1. There are only lines - by @mgilb

  2. For us in education the year is starting to wrap up, a perfect time to reflect back on the year of learning. Merlene Gilb reflects back on the process in a way that explores and describes the learning as being "rhizomatic". A beautiful perspective on the how we might better understand and explore the learning process.
  3. I highly recommend you read her Medium post below and take some time to look back at your year of learning and learners with this fresh and unique perspective.
  4. Reflection from a student

  5. Another great reflection from the end of the year comes from a former student. In middle school he and a couple of friends produced a weekly sports broadcast highlighting local sports news. Be sure to follow along in his future adventures on Twitter.
  6. Coming soon - Google Lens

  7. Google has announced that they are developing the technology to allow your phone camera and a bit of AI to help figure out what it is you are looking out. No specific release date but that have shared that it will be "coming soon"
  8. Google Assistant on your iPhone

  9. Google has created and launched an app for all the iOS users out there to be able to take full advantage of it's assistant. I started using it this week, but very minimally. If you want to get the most use out of it I highly recommend you add the "Your Google Assistant" widget to the mix.
  10. Google Assistant - Wikipedia
    Google Assistant - Wikipedia
  11. It's time for...

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