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  1. Email...

  2. We all use it, all the time and some more effective than others. This article takes a closer look at how to use it more effectively when communicating with our families. A few standard practice and a few ways to use new tools. Be sure to share this article with those serial emailers whom forget to use BCC when emailing massive groups.
  3. For those of you looking to do a bit more with your email check out my post on Boomerang for Gmail. My favorite feature with this extension is the ability to schedule an email to go out at a later date.
  4. Closed Captioning on YouTube

  5. Little known fact, most videos on YouTube can be easily captioned with the click of a button. Check out this awesome post about how using Closed Captioning on YouTube can help all learners.
  6. Tech tip of the Week

  7. This week I spent a fair amount of time organizing documents in Google Drive. The most valuable tool I used was Shift+Z. This tip walks you through the process of how to add a single document to multiple folders inside your Google Drive.
  8. It's time for...

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