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  1. Google Classroom..for EVERYONE

  2. Google has decided to allow all Google account holders that ability to create their own Google classroom.
  3. 6 Alternatives to Reading Logs

  4. @AliceKeeler shared this past week some great alternatives to the tradition Reading Log. From Book snaps to Vlogs. Check out these great authentic alternatives.
  5. This weeks #TechTipTuesday - Google Team Drives = Mind blown

  6. I was recently introduced to Google Team Drives by @AveryHoneyBees and @cmcgee200. The concept is brilliant: Instead of being the one person who has all the important documents shared out with all the specific people, the documents own themselves and you associate people to the drive where the files are located.
  7. I outlined some possible use cases of the tool from Grade level team drive to administrative team drive usage. Check out the full list of ideas on the post below.
  8. Time for...

  9. This week's humor inspired by my iReporters and iProduction crew getting ready to DJ our upcoming track day.
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  11. As always, Stay tuned and stay connected

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